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CUWIP Info Session

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For those participating in CUWIP, there will be an info session at 4:30 this Thursday (January 7). There will be FREE BOBA! We will answer questions and provide information about travel arrangements and the conference.

Regarding rooming arrangements for CUWiP: the survey sent out by the local organizing committee ( gives you the option to provide roommate preferences. If you do not fill out this section of the survey, you will be given a randomly selected roommate (or roommates) for the duration of the conference. They will try to make sure that you are paired with another UCLA student (or students), but if you would like ensure that you are placed with someone from UCLA, please let us know. We will create a spreadsheet with the names and emails of everyone looking for a roommate so you guys can reach out to each other and request one another as roommates on the survey.

Even if you do not want to provide roommate preferences, please make sure to fill out the survey in the link above, as it also asks questions about workshop/lab tour preferences, poster presentations, dietary requirements, and more. We encourage everyone who has done research to present their poster at the conference!

Please try to make it, but if you can't, let us know and we can fill you in. Thanks and hope to see you there!

-Women in the Physical Sciences Officer Team